Adding InTime (ITO) to Your Trust Wallet

A Step-by-step Guide on Installing Trust Wallet on Your Mobile Device and Adding InTime (ITO) to Your Wallet

Trust Wallet’s official website:

Step 1. Look for Trust Wallet on Google Play Store

Step 2. Install Trust Wallet

Step 3. Wait for Installation to Complete & Open Trust Wallet

Step 4. Create a New Wallet

Step 5. Check “I understand …” and Continue

Step 6. Your Recovery Phrase

Write down or copy these words in the right order and save them somewhere safe. Never share your recovery phrase with anyone, store it securely! — Trust Wallet

Step 7. Verify Recovery Phrase

Tap the words to put them next to each other in the correct order. — Trust Wallet

Step 8. Successfully Created Wallet

Step 9. Navigate to the Top Right Corner of the Wallet Dashboard to Add New Coin/Token

Step 10. Type “intime” in the Search Bar

Step 11. Toggle Slider Next to the InTime (ITO) Token

Step 12. Return to the Wallet Dashboard

Step 13. Select InTime (ITO)

Step 14. Receive ITO

Step 15. Send ITO

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