Adding InTime (ITO) to Your MetaMask Wallet

A Step-by-step Guide on Installing MetaMask on Your Mobile Device and Adding InTime (ITO) to Your Wallet

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4 min readMar 22, 2021
MetaMask official website:

The following guide demonstrates the instructions on installing MetaMask on an Android device. Similar results should be expected when operating an iOS device with little adaptation to the instructions.

Step 1. Look for MetaMask on Google Play Store

2. Install MetaMask

Step 3. Wait for Installation to Complete & Open MetaMask

Step 4. Click “Get started”

No screenshots are saved for the following steps due to MetaMask’s security policy.

Step 5. Create a New Wallet

Select “Create a new wallet” if this is your first installation. Select “Import using seed phrase” to import an existing wallet.

Step 6. Create Password

Enter a strong password and confirm. Password has to be at least 8 characters long.

MetaMask cannot recover this password for you if you lose it.

Check the box. Click “Create password” to proceed.

Step 7. Secure Your Wallet

Follow on-screen instructions to keep your seed phrase safe. Click “Start” when ready.

Step 8. Confirm Your Password

Step 9. Write Down Your Seed Phrase

Click “View” to reveal your 12-word long seed phrase. Write it down (in order) on a piece of paper and keep it safe. Click “Continue” once ready.

Step 10. Confirm Seed Phrase

Select each word in the order it was presented to you. Click “Complete Backup” once done.

Step 11. Success Message and Data Collection

Click “Done” to proceed. Review usage data collected by MetaMask and click “I Agree” to indicate consent.

Step 12. Wallet Dashboard

You will be greeted with a welcome message. Take the tour to see what this app has to offer or kindly decline to proceed with our guide.

Step 13. Select Browser

Click on the menu button on the left side of the top navigation bar. Select “Browser”.

Step 14. MetaMask Browser

Step 15. Search for CoinMarketCap

Step 16. CoinMarketCap Homepage

Step 17. Look for InTime

Step 18. Add InTime (ITO) to MetaMask

On InTime token page, navigate to the Contracts section and click on the MetaMask button to add InTime (ITO) to your MetaMask wallet.

Step 19. Click “Add Token”

Step 20. Return to Wallet

Step 21. Select InTime (ITO)

Step 22. Receive ITO

Share QR code or Ethereum address to start receiving ITO.

Step 23. Send ITO

Send ITO to any Ethereum address.

MetaMask wallet accepts ENS addresses. Try entering “intime.eth” and see the translated Ethereum address.

Step 24. Enter amount in ITO

Step 25. Enter Amount in Dollars

Alternatively, you can click on the exchange button in the middle and enter the transfer amount in Dollars.

This concludes the guide on installing MetaMask and adding InTime (ITO) to your wallet.

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